Our team

Knowledge and experience of other advanced projects led us to the idea of Flyps.

Sebastian Drygalski

CEO / Co-Founder

Sebastian is the originator of Flyps. Thanks to his ideas and knowledge, you're able to benifit from the Flyps platform. Even though he's reponsible mainly for the business part, he's also a software developer himself and a big enthusiast of artificial inteligence.

Wojciech Wichrowski

CTO / Biz-dev / Co-Founder

Wojciech is so called 'Chief Everything Officer'. He leads the dev team, takes care of business tasks and does the stuff nobody else wants to do. Some say that he's able to find some time to sleep but not many believe in that.

Katarzyna Kajukało

Office manager / Co-Founder

She looks after small but important details in the company. Everything that seems to happen automagically is actually done by her. In some free time, she's recruting rabbits to the team.

Jakub Bacic

Software Architect / Co-Founder

Jakub is our software architect. He also combines the work of other developers by running automation and managing deploys on our servers.

Mikołaj Wrzesiński

Senior Developer

Mikołaj is responsible for the server-side part of our project. Clean code fanatic that doesn't know the word 'impossible'.

Krotka (eng. tuple)

CBO (Chief Bunny Officer!)

Krotka watches over the mental health of the team. She's often the only communicative member when we finish the work at 3 am.

Krzysztof Sinica

Lead Developer / Co-Founder

Krzysztof is the author of client-side app. His knowledge and passion drives the whole team.