Live Video Streaming

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Live Video Streaming solution

Reach your audience and boost your possibilities  by Live Streaming.

Live streaming allows you to transmit video content to viewers in real-time. Imagine it as a multi-functional tool which s opens up a lot of possibilities. It can be used for many purposes in various industries, e.g. e-commerce, gaming, medicine and biotech. At its core, streaming content is meant to help people attend events, expos, and experiences that they cannot attend in person.

For example, it allows you to make Live Shopping streams. You can present and then sell products or services, live. Add real-time chat or special offers which can be seen by viewers only.

There are much more possibilites - conferences, remote consultations, meetings, operations etc., What matters, is that LIVE VIDEO STREAM gives you the reach - think how can you use it.

At Flyps we understand and recognize true capability. Go live, go with Flyps.

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