Data Engineering

Get blazing fast access and coherent insight into your data.

In Flyps, Data Engineer roles focus on building and maintaining a steady data pipeline that regularly delivers new content. We accomplish this by writing highly sophisticated algorithms. We do it in order to retrieve data in appropriate forms from user logs, customer support tickets, heatmaps, and even external sources.

All of that makes our product’s operation and requirements more understandable.

Transferred data is usually kept in a data warehouse. Establishing and maintaining one is another important part of a data engineer’s role. Data warehouses make it easier to retrieve data, analyze it and draw insightful conclusions.

This establishes the most typical ETL pipeline architecture used in data engineering. ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load.

Data engineers are responsible for:

  • Analysis and organization of raw data
  • Building and prototyping new algorithms
  • Finding hidden patterns using data
  • Preparing data for predictive and prescriptive modeling
  • Develop, implement and maintain databases