Live Video Streaming

Vidvi is an application mainly used in e-commerce for sales by video, based on the new trend called live shopping or socialcommerce. Multistreaming with a one-click-buy option and other features ahead of the competition.


Live Video Streaming





Vidvi is a tool for Live Shopping. It offers the possibility of simultaneous streaming on the shop's homepage and portals such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. The user gains a single panel to manage the broadcast and the chat. This solution shortens the sales path, as the customer can purchase straight from the video. Vidvi is the best tool for SocialSelling today.  

The first milestone was connecting to Facebook and Instagram. That was a challenge due to the complexity of these portals. Vidvi's achievements so far are an increase in sales among app users of at least 35% and a 50% drop in returns.

Flyps created the entire product from the ground up, beginning with design and UX analysis, through producing a dedicated video transcoder, all the way to finalizing the complete product. Flyps provides ongoing support & new feature development. Be prepared for the brand new synchronization we are going to add! 

The next milestone will be the addition of live one-to-one advice to enable an unprecedented level of online service.

Technologies used