Machine Learning

Machine Learning application

Processing power of personal computers used to it’s full potential in an innovative cloud environment.


Machine learning





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Project’s tech stack

Processing power is used by external clients performing their tasks in the cloud - and thanks to Flyps it’s cheaper than traditional sever rooms.

Project & Client

Our client came up with the idea of ​​creating a marketplace project that allows you to share the unused processing power of personal computers and in return receiving access to digital content such as Netflix, Spotify, Steam, e-books, articles, etc.

The task of Flyps was to build the entire infrastructure (in the cloud) that allows the solution to function properly.


The project is under a strict NDA agreement, so the only thing we can say is that thanks to the power of Machine Learning, we managed to build a software solution that allows for quick and effective use of the unused processing power.

Thanks to it, this provided processing power is used by external clients performing their tasks in the cloud, it’s cheaper than traditional server rooms, that they’d have to buy, maintain and power all the equipment themselves.

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