Autonomous navigation

Autonomous navigation for industry robots

One of a kind autonomous technologies, innovating the world around us.







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Project’s tech stack

Flyps built a robust and precise autonomous navigation system that is the key component of client mobile robots used in industry.

Project & Client

Myzer, as they describe themselves, builds effective and innovative solutions and intralogistics solutions for the industry. In this particular project, Flyps was entrusted to build an autonomous system for AGV/AMR consisting of localization, navigation, simulation and precise docking to designated platforms.


We consulted the project from the very beginning when it was just an idea and created both a business and technological background. Then, we chose the right tech stack and equipment to fully use the technological and business potential of our project.

Throughout the project, we covered a robotic full-stack, which consisted of implementing our own solutions and handling sensors, but also adapting existing open source algorithms to the project needs.

We did not forget about optimizing the project, thanks to which Myzer can now offer their customers from industrial sectors the best solutions dedicated to their needs.

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