E-commerce project
(fullstack service)

E-commerce application project

LESS_ is a fantastic marketplace that specialises in the clothing sector. The system has no limits regarding the number of users, items or transactions.







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Project’s tech stack

We made it possible to handle the rapidly growing traffic, search immediately through a vast number of offers and created the project's web version from scratch.

Project & Client

Less_ is an e-commerce fashion platform that promotes conscious shopping and minimalism, opposing consumerism.

The main task of Flyps was to create e-commerce platforms with huge query processing capabilities. It was only thanks to this, that the platform could handle the expected number of customers. Flyps was entrusted with the creation of such software (and migration from cloud to cloud) that would enable e-commerce to operate


Flyps joined the core LESS_ team as expert support in the field of software scalability, performance and express-speed development. We made it possible to handle the rapidly growing traffic, search immediately for a vast number of offers and create the website's web version from scratch: UI/ UX project, frontend, backend elements, CMS, etc.

Today Flyps also supports LESS DevOps to maintain the efficiency and scalability of the entire system with incredibly fast-growing company metrics, providing cloud-to-cloud migration and internal team training.

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