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Project’s tech stack

Client’s quote: “We are impressed by the cooperation with Flyps. They are a competent software house with extensive experience in AI projects and cloud environments, and their solutions have been a real game changer for us. They are undoubtedly recommendable!”

Project & Client

Our client delivers games for high-end virtual reality devices and platforms – Meta Quest 2 (earlier, Facebook Oculus Quest 2) PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Steam VR. Its team members are pioneers of the VR/AR market in Europe, with ten years of experience in Virtual & Augmented Reality. They work on proprietary titles as well as porting already existing games to Virtual Reality.

Flyps’ task was to build an ... AI solution that increased user's engagement, thus making the game more competitive on the market and more fun to play overall.


Flyps participated in the project from the very beginning, building the AI ​​solution that became the basis of the game in our product.

First of all, we built the entire infrastructure and trained the model, as well as helped in the changes to the games engine so that it would adapt to the implemented solutions.

Then we built an infrastructure that allowed the model to be trained faster. Thanks to this, we could simulate a huge number of games and, based on the acquired data, improve the gameplay.

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