The Biotechnology Industry supports us as human beings in nearly every aspect of our life. Flyps will make a contribution to help you achieve your goals.

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Biotechnology can be described as a science-driven industry. It deals with the matters of molecular biology and living organisms. Biotechnology is based on understanding how living organisms work and what function follows them.

One of the examples of what we do at Flyps is the analysis of microscopic photos of microorganisms to count them, categorize and describe subspecies.The processing pipeline consists of two stages based on artificial neural networks. First it detects microorganisms, and then segments their bodies to determine their surface on the image. 

To fully grasp it, it’s necessary to overexpose the image on a molecular level with support from other fields such as physics, mathematics, technology and more. 

We can observe biotechnology's role in medicine or food production, and it even takes  part in the production of biofuel. We can simplify those actions to improve the quality of daily life everywhere.

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