Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I gain?

    In exchange for spare computing power of your PC, you'll be given points assigned to your account. Points can be used later to buy digital content from Flyps catalog. At the beginning, you will find there gift cards for popular services offering books (e-books and audiobooks), music (subscriptions for Spotify, Deezer), apps (Google Play, Apple App Store), games (PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo), movies or in-game payments. Over the time, our catalog will be expanded but even now, you shouldn't have any problems with finding something just for you.

    We're doing everything to assure you it's worth it.
  • How can I exchange Flyps points to digital content?

    When you have enough points, you’ll be able to exchange them for gift cards and use them as you like later on. Paying with Flyps points doesn’t require your personal data or credit card details so it’s perfectly secure.

    Points earned during one month are not invalidated when the month ends so you’re able to use them later if you didn’t collect enough of them to get your favorite console game sooner. Points can be accumulated without any limits.
  • Will I be able to normally use my computer?

    Of course. Register new account and install our desktop application - from now on, Flyps won’t require any extra activity from you. All computations will be done in the background. If you turn off your PC, computations will be interrupted and moved to another node in the network. It’s our job to make sure that everything works as expected. You don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • What are the hardware requirements?

    Flyps doesn’t have minimal hardware requirements - every standard computer (desktop, laptop) with internet connection can join the project. However, right now, we only support Windows 7 or higher. We’re working intensively to add support for other platforms.

    At the same time, we can guarantee that your work won’t be affected by Flyps application running in the background. It is true that the faster PC the more points you can earn within a day but we’re trying our best to prepare a digital content catalog that will suit everybody.
  • Is my personal data safe?

    Flyps creates an isolated operating system running in a virtual machine. Thanks to that it’s totally separated from your data, applications and main operating system. Moreover, inside this dedicated operating system run software written by our developers. External companies provide only data to be processed, never code. Flyps takes care of distributing and processing this data.
  • How about mobile?

    So far Flyps application cannot be run on mobile platforms but digital content bought with Flyps points can be accessed on all mobile devices.
  • Is Flyps some kind of loyalty program?

    No, it’s not. The main idea of loyalty programs is to reward the customers with bonus points. Points in Flyps are not addition but the basic salary for sharing your computing power and they have a real value. After you earn enough points, you’ll be able to use them to buy books, games or premium subscriptions right away instead of waiting a couple of months to exchange them for a pen. :)