December 21, 2022

Challenges and achievements of 2022

The end of the year is the time of summaries, so not wanting to go against the tide, we are also preparing some summaries, because - there is no denying that a lot has changed this year. First, we’ve changed our website, and you can see it in a brand new version. We also continued the trend of remote work so that our specialists could work from the most suitable place! Taking into account the number of new projects and customer satisfaction, remote work is not only not a problem, but also increases productivity!

So, how can we sum up this 2022? We tried to collect the biggest changes that appeared this year, as well as (since it's time for summaries) the most interesting successes that we managed to achieve. Because there were quite a lot of successes! So if you are interested, we invite you to read how Flyps passed this year 2022!

Our clients

Although Flyps comes from Poland, high-tech software is needed all over the world. Deep learning, AI, neural networks, Machine Learning, SLAM, Computer Vision, autonomous robots - everything we specialize in is needed all over the world.

High-tech solutions are more and more needed, there is an increasing demand for them, which is why Flyps has built and will build competences in this area. Our clients come from all corners of the world because they believe in our competence and our expert technology stack.

In 2022, we built software solutions for clients from many countries, although the main focus was the USA, Australia and EU countries.

This year we have acquired business partners from the USA, Norway, Great Britain, Australia and of course Poland! It is also worth mentioning that this year we started working with a company belonging to the Fortune 500. It is thanks to our experts that we are able to achieve such successes! 

And what are our plans for next year? Certainly, strengthening cooperation with customers who have already trusted us, but we also certainly want to open up to new markets.

Our Experts

Flyps is created by people, and people and their knowledge are the main value for us. It is thanks to them that Flyps is able to provide end-to-end expert solutions for our clients. In its ranks, Flyps has experts in their fields, hence we are able to offer fullstack services to even the most demanding projects. We are not resting on our laurels, however the tech stack is constantly being widened, so a few more faces have joined us. We’re happy to have more people in our Flyps family!

Flyps focuses on expertise, which is why each of our employees is a specialist and expert. These are not empty words, two of our employees are just finishing their PhD! On our blog, moreover, there are summaries of the latest scientific articles - our team tries to keep up with the latest trends. If you want to read the summaries here (Papers summary: Neural Fields in Visual Computing and Beyond, Paper summary #2: Translating Images into Maps). In 2023, we will certainly continue this series!

Our blog

Well, since we mentioned the blog, we also want to boast about it. Since the creation of the new website, we have been trying to fill the blog with expert texts about high-tech IT solutions.

So you can read there about self-service stores at Take&GO (Cashierless store - from zero to hero. Our Take&GO case study), and the introduction of autonomous robots (Challenges in the real-world deployment of an autonomous robot). Or maybe you want to read about SLAM  - this is also what our experts wrote about, and the article was very warmly received by the recipients, so we strongly encourage you to read it (Chicken and egg problems in autonomous navigation - a brief introduction to SLAM). It should also be mentioned that there are not only expert texts - we are starting a new series, where we will describe (obviously with respect for the NDA!) real-life examples. To show how our solutions give power to business. Take a look at the first installment, in which we describe an example of a 20-fold acceleration of a computer vision related application (Towards accelerating the performance of the vision project - business use case).

Our blog in its current form (on a new website) has been operating since the middle of the year, and the articles have already received a total of tens of thousands of views! We are proud that it is becoming so popular, and we certainly haven't said the last word yet, because we have a lot of meat content for 2023.

Ah, and you can find us not only on the blog, we are active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium!

Business cooperation

At the very end, short information, because we can't say much, there will be time for that later. Nevertheless, we are pleased to announce that we are in the process of patenting an AI solution together with a client we worked with!

We consider it not only a business success, which it undoubtedly is, but also the highest tribute to our experts. It is thanks to them that Flyps has created such a perfectly functioning solution in the field of artificial intelligence!

Towards 2023 and beyond!

What's next? At the end of this year, during the holidays, we are going to take a break, because work-life balance is something that Flyps understands perfectly! And from the beginning of 2023, new business challenges await us (we hope to establish business relationships in many countries), we have also planned many more opportunities to share knowledge - so wait not only for blog posts, but also for videos, e-books, and over time, who knows, maybe a podcast!

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