What do we have in common? Founder mentality!

About Us

Attitudes like that really pay off in software development cooperation.

Flyps isn’t just an engineer for hire software house. We put high priority on implementing our own ideas, such as our computer vision for biotechnology and autonomous robots. We mainly employ senior-level specialists to carry out tasks at the highest level whilst we guarantee complete commitment and faultless delivery of the fruits of our labor. We never end our cooperation before completing the project 100%. Business is no place for blunders and half-measures.

In dealing with our partners we focus on straightforward honesty (that’s just how we roll), total transparency, and full commitment. We take care of every project entrusted to us as if it’s our own. We’ve already completed so many demanding projects that we can tell you what challenges await you, and how to face them (seriously, boldly, and to the point).

We care about your success.
We always focus on what’s best both for you and your business, that’s why we offer solutions tailor-made to fit your needs, and we commit to going the extra mile. With our expertise, we ensure that you get exactly what you need as quickly and affordably as possible.

Quality is worth the wait.
Too fast growth usually comes with losses to work quality, and that’s something we need to avoid. We put a lot of effort into maintaining an elite team of highly talented developers with over 20 years of combined experience under our belt. We can handle any challenge you throw at us.

Our Team

What our client says

Reliable experts that solved most difficult R&D - from PoC algorithms to production ready custom software.

Artur Myziak

Myzer Group CEO

What our client says

Flyps.io is what I like to call: a business partner. They are the most engaged team I've ever met.

Dawid Urban

Serial enterpreneuer, angel investor. Founder and Investor of Surge Cloud (Take&Go)

What our client says

Best team money can get, if you can afford them,
you are doing yourself a favor.

Mateusz Oleksiuk

CEO less.app

Our reach is global!

Flyps is located in central Europe, in Poland. But we don’t let that limit us! We’ve completed marvelous projects for partners from all around the world, including, but not limited to the USA, Australia and other parts of Europe. Our team consists of many people who spent years living and working abroad, and as you can see, English is very often our first language. We don’t let artificial borders of language and territory limit us in our mission to make software development better!